Environmental & Cultural Park of Paros

The Environmental and Cultural Park of Paros is located at the northern end of the bay of Naoussa, about 6km from Pandora Rooms. It is the first of its kind in the Cyclades, and a quite original project in the whole of Greece. The area of the Park is an 800.000m² peninsula which, since 2009, has been declared as a protected area, due to its historical, cultural and natural importance, so that it also stays untouched from any building or other similar activity that would deteriorate the place.

At Park area there are various beaches and swimming spots: Katholiko is the central beach, where you can enjoy swimming in clear, shallow waters. There are beach umbrellas and sun beds for rent and also tall trees for shade. The chill-out beach bar of the Park serves drinks and snacks throughout the day and a beach volleyball net awaits visitors in athletic mood. Katholiko Beach is ideal for families with kids.

For an even more quiet swim at Paros Park, you may choose the small Ai Yiannis beach, located just underneath the old monastery near the entrance of the Park. For those who want to combine a short walk and an isolated swim, the sandy beach of Tourkou Ammos , reached only on foot, is an an idyllic place for quiet times – to get there, follow walking trail no. 3.

Other activities at the Environmental & Cultural Park of Paros include a 7km footpath network around the whole peninsula ideal for easy hiking, a historical light-house, a traditional shipyard, an amphitheater that hosts various concerts by local up to internationally known artists, theatrical plays and other cultural activities, periodical exhibitions, athletic events like the Paros Triathlon and more!

To find out more, visit: www.parospark.com

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